BALKANIA Feedback and Evaluation meeting with Students

07 - 08 June 2007, Sevlievo

Sevlievo, Bulgaria

Within the framework of the SMILE project, a second evaluation meeting on BALKANIA was organized in Sevlievo on the 7th – 8th of June 2007. The focus this time was put on students and their feedback from testing the BALKANIA which is a role play based on the original Toledo role play and adapted to the reality of the Balkan countries at the beginning of this year by an international expert team. The game is generally seen as a didactic tool aiming at facilitating education towards tolerance and openness between peoples with different cultural and religions.

The 35 students that participated in the training were from different schools (average age 16-17 years) and with diverse ethnic background. This put an added value on the interpretation of the characters in the role play. Although the process of taking the role of another person whose attitudes and opinions might differ from the students’ own vision and ideas is not an easy one, the participants managed rather successfully to put him/herself in the position of the new characters. Furthermore they were very enthusiastic and creative while playing this innovative for their curriculum game and what was even more important - they could realize and learn the lessons of the game: recognition, understanding and tolerance towards other cultures, religions and ethnic origins.

The BALKANIA role play was organized on the first day of a Workshop for Intercultural Education which continued on the second day with teacher training for raising multicultural awareness and improving intercultural competencies of teachers. Organisers were DVV International, represented by Ms Anelia Miteva and Intercultural Cooperation Foundation, represented by Ms Reni Dimova who moderated the both trainings. Please see attached the agenda of the training.

Program - PDF 43 KB

Training on Nonviolent Communication, NVC

23 – 27 May 2007
Tirana, Albania

Tirana, Albania

18 trainers from the South East European countries gathered in Durres, Albania to explore the principles and practice the skills of Non-Violent Communication. In the course of 3 days the participants were engaged in various situations that gave first hand experience with the method and have served as a starting point for dealing with personal examples and cases.

The design of the training included not only receiving information and experience with the method, but also a Visions part, devoted to how each participant sees his/her commitment in using and multiplying the method in his/her country.

This allowed the 3 days to conclude with concrete ideas about follow up activities in every country.


The training has been facilitated by Ms. Hava Eva Jonai, a certified trainer of the Center for Non Violent Communication. ( )

Detailed program of the training - PDF 50 KB

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BALKANIA Feedback and evaluation teachers’ meeting

25 April 2007
Sofia, Bulgaria

Balkania, Bulgaria

The first feedback and evaluation meeting on Balkania was organized on the 25th of April 2007 at “Gen. Vladimir Stoychev” school in Sofia. Created within the SMILE project the role play teaches tolerance and develops intercultural competencies.

The 37 teachers present at the meeting experienced the main stages of the role play and suggested possible ways for improving it.

The meeting concluded with a discussion round on the application of the role play and on a broader level on the role of the innovative methods in schools.

A second feedback and evaluation meeting will be organized in mid June 2007 with students.

The meeting was facilitated by Emilia Ilieva.

Program - PDF 44 KB

Balkania Role Play in the context of Tolerance and Coexistence on the Balakns

15 – 18 February 2007,
Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko, Bulgaria

Experts meeting II

The second experts’ meeting in Bansko was dedicated to the elaboration of the final variant of a Balkan role play that was unanimously named BALKANIA. It is based on the template of the TOLEDO role play which has been initially created in Israel by Prof. Aviva Doron from UNESCO Chair in Intercultural Dialogue, University of Haifa.
The BALKANIA role play is seen as a didactic tool that would assist for fostering multicultural awareness, would increase the consciousness for the values of the society based on tolerance and mutual respect, and would support developing intercultural competencies in teachers and students from the countries in the Balkan region.

Bansko, Bulgaria

It was created in a way that reflects the reality of the Balkan countries and includes characters that are easy to relate to. The 22 participants contributed to the selection of the time period, the conflict situation and the communities involved, as well as the selection and creation of characters for the role play with positions and feelings that trigger discussions and debates.

The result of the meeting shall be tested in series of national sessions in spring 2007 and then enriched with the feedback received the final BALKANIA role play will be published in the second half of 2007.

Program - PDF 33 KB