Resources on Dialogue

David Bohm, Donald Factor and Peter Garrett:
“Dialogue – A Proposal”

David Bohm:
“On Meaning, Purpose, and Exploration in Dialogue” /dialogue /dialogue_exploration.html

Leonard Nelson:
“The Socratic Method”
translated by Thomas K. Brown III.

Philosophisch-Politische Akademie

Kelley L. Ross:
“Leonard Nelson ( 1882 –1927 )”

Sebastian Slotte:
“Systems Sensitive Dialogue Intervention”

Society for the Furtherance of the Critical Philosophy

Sebastian Slotte & Professor Raimo P Hamalainen "Decision Structuring Dialogue"

Resources on Future Creating Workshops

Heino Apel
The Future Workshop

The Future Workshop (In German)

Resources on Intercultural Learning

COMPASS manual on Human Rights Education (Council of Europe)

International Conference on the Dialogue of Civilizations, 31st July – 3rd of August 2001, Conference Report

T-Kit on Intercultural Learning (Council of Europe)

UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity

Resources on Open Space Technology

World Wide Open Space

Change Management Toolbook

Resources on the World Cafe

The World Cafe